5 Side-Hustles that can produce a great income

Making money online has never been more easier. Whether you are looking for a side hustle or a passive income there are certainly ways you can make a good income from home while putting in very minimal hours.

There are many opportunities available, however, this depends on your convenience and skill level. The side-hustles mentioned here yield a good income with the potential to become a full-time income.


Airbnb is a peer to peer market place where people can rent out their properties or spare rooms to guests. If you own a house or condo, this offers a great way for people to earn an extra income.

On Airbnb, you could earn a minimum of $50/night if you rent out just 1 room. For example, Chicago, Illinois, just doing a private room for one guest. Airbnb estimates, you could earn about $1,065 per month by renting out a private room for 15 days.

So let’s say you live in El Paso, Texas, and you have an entire place for rent that allows up to four guests. They estimate you could earn $1,195 per month. Earnings vary based on the location that you live in, the type of property being offered, whether it’s a shared room, a private room, or a completely private space. The time of year, all that is going to play into this as a factor.

Content Creator

A content creator is someone that creates media of any sort, whether it is an influencer, a YouTuber or writer. Online media is consumed in a variety of mediums by everyone on a daily basis through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Quora, and many more.

Its never been easier to start your own online journey. You have to find your comfort zone and your skillset – that all that’s needed. If you are someone that is comfortable sharing their personal life you could start a blog/vlog about it. If you are good with a guitar you could post videos about it, or if you are good with baking, write a blog about it or start an Instagram page sharing, recipes, food products, etc.

With online content, you hardly make money directly. By that I mean, most of the time people won’t pay you to create a post about baking cookies, unless that your job. Pages on Instagram and Facebook are run by individuals that like what they do and then find ways to make money. You have to produce a source of income for yourself unless its YouTube.

There are a few good ways to make money if you have a following but this depends on your medium and platform.

  • You could affiliate yourself with some products and earn a commission on each sale.
  • Introduce your own merchandize and earn through its sales. It could be apparel, phone cases, painting, etc.
  • Review products and get paid to promote them. On Instagram, this could be shout outs for businesses or products. On YouTube, it could be an entire channel reviewing products.
  • Run ads on your own platform, on Youtube, then you get paid by monetizing your videos. With blogging, you could earn by running ads on your website.


Freelancing is an online contractor, that works independently to complete projects. It is a great way to earn some extra money online by providing services.

Freelancer is a great website for any profession. You can bid on projects that you have the skills for, whether it be designing a logo for a client, set up a marketing campaign, or being a virtual assistant.

Let’s say you don’t have a profession but are good in English. All you have to do is signup – $25 signup bonus, search for projects related to a virtual assistant; tweet on behalf of a business, or write a blog – like this, for a website. You bid on the rate you would like to work on, however, the basic the skill is the lower hourly rate.


Fiverr is another website that is similar to Freelancer but what makes it different is their gigs. The great thing about Fiverr is that your gigs could be anything like modelling for a product, assistance with homework, custom products, building a website, creating an application, and the list goes on. You have a very broad range of services that could be offered and you don’t have to be a professional in anything.

To start earning, you have to signup, create a listing with your service, rate and any upsells you could add. That’s it!


TeeSpring is a print-on-demand e-commerce website that allows you to create your designs on the product and sell them. It is a free platform that charges no upfront fee for designing and hosting your product. They only charge you when you make a sale but you get to keep all your profits.

They offer 20 customizable types of products, like mugs, t-shirts, socks, sweaters, phone cases, etc. throw your design on it and update it on your store. Now, marketing it, this is where it gets tricky. This is ideal for people with a good audience such as an influencer as they could just leverage an audience to create some extra money.

There is one way you could still make some sales, that is by leveraging your current following and combining it with current events. You could design a t-shirt that is focused on climate change activism and promote it on pages/groups that focus on these issues.

If you are interested but are not a designer? Don’t worry I got you. Head over to Canva, its a free website where you can create a cool design, poster, illustration by just placing items on your canvas. It’s super simple, create your design, download it, upload it on your product and you are done!


Squadhelp is an online website where you get paid to type names – its that simple. Coming up with an attractive and clever name that would resonate with your business is difficult. That is the concept behind the website, this is to help businesses come up with names for their brands or products.

There are listening made by the owner of the contest where they mention the type of their business and some rules. You post your suggestions for the name and if the host likes it you can earn a minimum of 300 dollars just by typing names.

The trick to this is to go for a guaranteed prize, this means that they have to give the money away when the contest is finished. Think of a few keywords related to the business then head over to an online name generating tool to create names, narrow down the list until you find the perfect one.

Personally, I find this to be the best way to make a good amount of money while sitting at home or as a side hustle. The potential is amazing with this website. There are people on the leaderboard that made $57,000 just by doing this, you can make a few $1,000 easily while you enjoy your tea.

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