To introduce our readers to new trends in the finance world, so they can take advantage of the opportunities and stay ahead.

The goal with this website is simple, help my readers with their finances. Introduce them to the latest trends in this Tech Age, and assist them with their finances, so they can make an informed decision.


Hi! My name is Asher and I run this website myself. I am a developer by profession but I love finance. For the past 3 years or so, I was intrigued by the diverse ways people earn. I have been collecting information through online resources, people and courses. The goal with this website is to provide the most relevant knowledge to my readers, so they can take advantage of the new technology, whether it be making money, saving or investing.



All this started because I love looking into ways of saving, investing and making money – hence the main categories. I was curious as to how businesses are running? How are people making money through social media platforms? When we buy a product on Amazon, who supplies them? and how do I get started?

I was surrounded by individuals that were struggling with their finances, living paycheck to paycheck. They didn’t know how to invest or leverage the information to help them save money that they work hard to earn. There are many misconceptions around investing, most commonly that it’s complicated, others tried and lost money so believed it’s only for the rich. I wanted to help them understand the basics, provided them with the knowledge and how to leverage the information online.

This is how financeflourish.com was born. I want to spread my knowledge to as many people I possibly can and create awareness on topics related to money. That’s the end goal!